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  • Here's what you get

    The "sit back, relax,
    let us handle everything" Package

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  • For Ages: 6 7 8 9 10
  • Package Content

    Time Table of how this package works and what you get
  • Part 1: The Magic Lessons
  • 10 Minute Mini Performance demonstrating the tricks to be taught
  • There are 7 magic tricks in total. 5 tricks are taught that we teach in this time frame35-45 Minutes of teaching the tricks.
  • this is a good time to have a food break be it a full lunch or nibbles approx 50 minutes after I begin (5-15 minutes depending on if your party is at lunch time)~~~Food Break~~~
  • Part 2: The Magic Show
  • New for 2015- Yes Aardy will make your child magically appear before the show (or if they are shy we can make the parent and child appear) Info-icon Magically make your child appear before the show
  • I do use the birthday child on stage but the entire audience will be involved as wellEntire audience participation
  • each age get a different show. for example the 5 year olds gt a different show than the 8 year olds35 minute Age relevant magic show
  • Most magicians do the magic with the child helping- where as in our shows it's the child that does the magic with the magicians help. This is empowering for the child and makes for great moments throughout the show.
    When we use a "volunteer" from the audience it is always the birthday child
    Your Child is the star of the show
  • Yes you can film our act. We even let you know whereto stand and when to getready for key parts of the showYou can take photos and video
  • The magic show is highly interactive and is comedy based
  • Gifts for every Child

    Gifts that every child receives
  • Balloon Animals for each child. (made after the magic show)
  • YES! every child gets one They teach 3 simplemagic tricks with items found around the home. A DVD for each child
  • These show bags used slightly different from normnal show bags that are given out. When the kidslearn each trick- they also get a bag to hold all the tricks. So they get the 7 amazing magic tricks found in our showbags (that are available separately )Magic Show Bagsyes
  • These online lessons are on my website www.magiclessons.com.au and normally it is $19.95 but every guest or parent receives them for $9.95 while it may not help your actual birthday party is is a HUGE bonus for those wanting to learn magic50% off voucher for our online magic lessons for all children
  • Extra Gifts for the Birthday Child

    Gifts for the birthday child receives
  • This is in addition to the other DVD the kids getSpecial DVD that teaches 10 easy tricks
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Sydney birthday party Magic show + Magic lessons

Sydney birthday party Magic show + Magic lessons

The Sydney Magic Show
Included in the Magic Show magic Lessons Package is the Fun Filled 30 – 35 minute magic show where your child is the star of the show and you’ll want to pull your camera out for this. Involves Lots of Comedy and audience participation Colourful magic tricks, fun music and hilarious antics make this show one of a kind.

+Magic Lessons plus all the props!
Each child is given over $10 (retail) in magic tricks- and are taught the secrets to these tricks, in a fun, amazing and completely unique birthday party., The children get to keep their tricks and are provided a small party bag to store them in

+Non exclusion games
To break up the magic lessons- Games are played where there are no losers, the games are fun, unique and different from the standard “parse the parcel, or pin the tail on the donkey. These are popular with the younger kids- the older kids just love to learn magic

+The DVD Given to each child
This DVD teaches all the tricks in the magic lessons and also 3 bonus magic tricks- that are very easy and use items found around the house. They are perfect to add value to your goody bags.

+The Special DVD Given to the birthday child
Similar to the above DVD, but this DVD teaches 10 Magic Tricks, so that when they go back to meet their friends they will know 3 times as many tricks.[/box] [/fivecol_three] [fivecol_two_last][/fivecol_two_last] [Wow-Herd-Effects-Pro id=4]


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