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Looking at Holding a Shopping Centre Magic Show?

If you want to attract attention to your centre and keep people at the centre all day, then look no further than Kids Magic World.

Kids Magic World has performed magic at many shopping centres throughout the years, from large shows to small shows, to multiple shows per day.

For Best results we find a sharp 30 minute show performed 3-4 times a day works extremely well, you reduce the number of unhappy customers who miss out on the show if you only have it once a day and keep people coming back and allows you to have a promotion that lasts the entire day and not just for the 1 off show

We can also provide:

  • Face Painting
  • Balloon animals
  • Clowns, Fairies, Pirates and Princesses characters
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Marketing Opportunities

Kids Magic World has several unique options when it come to marketing your special promotion explained below:

  • Magic Lessons DVD
    Kids Magic World can provide you with low cost per unit DVD’s that teach magic tricks- they can also be custom printed (in-house for even more reduced fee’s) and can contain Video of any content of your choosing. You know this DVD will be watched at home and thus giving you a unique promotional angle
  • Our Database we have a database of over 4500 childrens parents across Sydney
    We can send mass track-able emails out to this database with kids that are interested in Magic- this database is growing at 20 per week.
  • Social Media- Facebook
    We can create powerful promotional videos with call to action buttons built into the facebook friendly video player. Other options is to have other videos showing other movies in the player than can be accessed all from the 1 facebook friendly player

Below is a sample video we created for a trade show client, – please note the call to action buttons and additional info buttons down the right hand side of the player- this can be shared on facebook and it plays as it is on your facebook wall



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