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Empowering The Children

Magic lessons gives the children the power to do things no one else can do,which increases self esteem, confidence and pride. Learning and performing magic improves their dexterity, problem solving skills and to think outside the square,plus it’s a lot of fun.

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Experience the Magic

David Welzman your performer and educator is the International Merlin Award Winner (Magician Oscars) and the only Australian on “Great Magicians of the World” USA TV special. Before the Kids start learning they get to experience the wonder, excitement and comedy that has taken Welzman across the globe. The magic show is tailored to the age range of the children.

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Reward The Children

During the lessons each child receives an incredible Showbag with real magic tricks (not the toys found in easter show bags) plus a DVD that not only teaches the show bag tricks, but also all the tricks from the workshop. This ensures that those with learning difficulty or simply bad memories can learn the tricks and not have to remember anything.

As an Added reward for those kids who want to grow their Magical Ability- Each and every child gets FREE ACCESS to Welzmans Online Magic Lessons training website with over 80 video lessons- normally $59.95 but included as part of the package deal.

Watch the video on the right for more info on the Showbag, DVD and magic lessons website

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