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The 1 Hour Magic Package
Indoors or outdoors anywhere anytime


  • For ages 3+
  • Comedy magic Show
  • Age relevant
  • Balloon animals for each child
  • a Magic Lessons DVD for each child
  • and more

The 2 Hour Magic Package
Sit back, relax and let Aardy handle the kids for 2 hours!


  • For ages 5+
  • Comedy Magic Show
  • Balloon animals for EVERY CHILD
  • Magic Lessons for all kids
  • a Showbag for every child
  • Upgraded DVD for each child
  • all the props needed to learn the magic
  • and more

Here's what people are saying
These are only some of the testimonials- Please visit the testimonials page for all testimonials

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The Birthday Magician info page
2 Birthday Magic Packages Available
Birthday Magician

Kids Magic World has Developed 2 Amazing Birthday Magician Packages, honed to perfection from over 3000 shows performed.

As a kids birthday magician we don't have deluxe and then super deluxe packages because we perform our best magic at every show- we don't make you pay more for the better tricks we know.

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  • Birthday Party Packages

    Mouse over options below for description
  • For Ages

  • New for 2015- Yes Aardy will make your child magically appear before the show (or if they are shy we can make the parent and child appear)
    I'll need to set up without kids watching- only indoors for this illusion and I'll need to spend 2 minutes with the child to explain what they need to do
    Info-icon Magically make your child appear before the show
  • each age get a different show. for example the 5 year olds gt a different show than the 8 year olds35-40 minute Age relevant magic show
  • I do use the birthday child on stage but the entire audience will be involved as wellEntire audience participation
  • Most magicians do the magic with the child helping- where as in our shows it's the child that does the magic with the magicians help. This is empowering for the child and makes for great moments throughout the show.
    When we use a "volunteer" from the audience it is always the birthday child
    Your Child is the star of the show
  • Gifts for every Child

  • Included in the price:::these bags are given out at the start to hold all the tricks they learn. By the end of the party they can be slightly ruined. If you want to put lollies into these bags- put the lollies into a ziplock bag first and then into these bagsIncludes Show Bags
  • Balloon Animals for each child
  • YES! every child gets one They teach 3 simplemagic tricks with items found around the home. A DVD for each child
  • Magic Lessons

  • Valued at over $10 eachAll the tricks for the magic lessons
  • the number of tricks depend on the age, number of kids and the age of the party5-7 Amazing tricks to keep
  • This is an interactive mini show at the start of the magic lessons segment and lasts between 10-15 minutes- very interactive and very funnyBonus Magic Show
  • Gifts for Birthday Child

  • This DVD is given to the birthday child andteaches 10 tricksBirthday Child Special DVD
  • 1 Hour Magic Show

  • In doors or out doors and even in the smallest space The anywhere show package

  • 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 1 Hour
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 1 Hour
  • You can purchase these as an extrano Optional extra at $7 EACH
  • yes
  • yes
  • 1 Hour
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • yes
  • 2 Hour Show & lessons

  • The Ultimate "sit back, relax & let me handle everything" package
  • 6 7 8 9 10
  • 2 Hour
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 2 Hour
  • these bags are given out at the start to hold all the tricks they learn. By the end of the party they can be slightly ruined. If you want to put lollies into these bags- put the lollies into a ziplock bag first and then into these bagsyes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 2 Hour
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes

Let me break it down for you
Why don't other magicians show you a complete trick?
The Birthday Magician Show
Comedy, Age relevant Powerhouse performance for not just the kids- but the adults as well.

This is a dynamic laugh out loud comedy magic show designed for MAXIMUM participation at Birthday Parties.

To the right you'll see an expanded performance of what I performed on Saturday Disney.

You'll notice the reaction is complete audience participation- they are all involved- and the parents up the back of the party are having a ball as well.

And this is just 1 of the many tricks I perform as a Birthday Magician

Available in both packages
suitable for age 7 & below

The Opening Trick- Don't show your child because this is in the show!

Magically Make the birthday Child Appear
Shy child? no problem we can do mum or dad or they can do it with a sibling

All Birthday Magicians say "your child is the star of the show" But they do a normal magic show where the Magician does all the tricks

At Kids magic world the child does the magic after the magician failed to do it.

In essence your child can do the magic when the Birthday magician fails. This makes for a refreshing change from the magician doing all the tricks & the kids simply watching or holding a prop.

Aardy does tricks in the show, but when it comes to the important ones- its the child that can do the magic.

Available in both packages

Its a different dynamic for a show and empowers the child more than simply being there and holding a prop.

Birthday Magic Show Highlights
Comedy Magic with loads of Audience participation- at your next birthday party

Fun Filled 35-40 minute Birthday magic show where your child is the star of the show.

During the Show I perform the magic I performed on Saturday Disney.

 The show involves lots of comedy and audience participation and in the finale the birthday child gets a thunderous applause from the audience and you’ll want to pull your camera out for this. Colorful magic tricks, advanced sleight of hand and hilarious antics make this show one of a kind.

Towards the end of the show I perform a piece from my time on Great Magicians of the World (USA TV special) which shows the powerful connection between parent and child (hard to explain but amazing to see)

Video shows highlights from the magic show and the lessons from the 2 hour

Magic Gifts for the Children
Great Gifts for 1 hour package
Balloon animals and a DVD

Kids Love Balloon animals so we include this as part of the price. These are created after the Birthday magic show finishes

Many Birthday magicians give away items that are not worth much like coloring in posters (which you can download for free) or lollies-  and nothing ends a party faster than anaphylactic shock.
We don't do this!

Instead we provide Magic Lesson DVD's for EVERY child at the party. This is a long term gift and you can use it to put in your own party bags- or simply hand them out at the end. Kids love the magic so this allows them to learn some tricks when they get home.

Great Gifts in the 2 Hour Package
Balloons, DVD and a magic showbag!

Same as the 1 hour party and more

Yes we make a balloon animal for each guest right at the end and the DVD they receive is an Upgraded DVD that re-teaches all the tricks plus several more

Every child also receives a Magic SHOWBAG full of tricks!

There are no lollies in the bag- Just cool magic tricks including an appearing wand (A wand that magically appears) and several other tricks. A Perfect end gift for a Birthday Magician Party.

Here's what people are saying
These are only some of the testimonials- Please visit the testimonials page for all testimonials

"1 of the best magicians we have ever had"
Channel 7 Saturday Disney
"Everyone is raving about you and your tricks"
Tyco Healthcare
“We didn’t realise Aardy was a comedian as well Great Entertainment. Aardy is the best magician we have ever had”
Club Med Resorts
“Great Magic”
Thank you for the wonderful show you put on for our staff and their children. WE have received so much positive feedback it was certainly a huge success!
We used Aardy the Magician, we have used magicians before but we havn’t quite had the experience like today, it was great the kids loved it, the full 2 hours was engaging, could ask for a better magician, Thank you
Heathcoate East Before hour school care and vacation care
We had Aardy attend our vacation care and the kids were all in awe while he did his magic show and it was a great show- fantastic
YMCA Ambervale
Frequently Asked Questions
Let me answer your questions

How much space do you need for the Birthday Magic Show?
as long as the kids can all sit in one area- that’s fine.

Do you need us to provide anything?
No Aardy brings everything he needs.

How long is the set up?
About 2 minutes. Yeah I know many magicians take 30 to 60 minutes to set up. - My set up is done where I park so when I walk in there is minimal time not entertaining the kids- when I walk in the door I am 99% ready. That 2 minutes is setting up the illusion where I make the birthday child appear.

Where are you based?
Sydney- I live in Hornsby

How many kids can you do the Birthday party for?
up to 30 Kids is reasonable- over 30 and there will be a price increase because I have to set up speaker systems and perform a larger show.

What age is this party for?
The 1 Hour  Package: 3 an up. Each age gets a different show- so the 8 year olds get a different show than a 6 year old, Over the age of 10, they are getting more adult related magic.
The 2 hour Package: Is suitable for age 6 and up and some 5 year olds.

Can the party be different ages?
Yes and no, extreme ages say 1-15 is going to be tough, it is easy to compare watching TV. Kids at 15 watch different things than a 5 year old- even a 10 year old, and the magic show is the same, in these cases I do bit of both shows, but it is harder to perform. ages that are close say 5-7 year olds can be performed easily.

What are some of the tricks you do as a Birthday Magician?
This is simple an amazing show which is designed for maximum audience participation- The tricks I perform are simple to understand but are full of comedy, music, colour and amazement such as Making a Flower appear, making my magic wand magically levitate, making things disappear and reappear I also perform many of the tricks I performed on Saturday Disney.

Can you perform outside?
Yes, Inside or out- is not a problems- However- on a really HOT day- the magic lessons become harder as kids sweat, so please take note of the weather- the magic show can be performed in side or out side.

What is The DVD given to all the children and how much extra does it cost?
The DVD does not cost anything extra. The DVD teaches 3 magic tricks that children can learn very easily with objects found around the home. It is a fun bonus for dealing with Aardy. and is perfect to put into lollie bags.

What is The DVD given to the birthday child and how much extra does it cost?
This DVD is a bonus and does not cost anything extra. The DVD is similar to the DVD given to all the other children- the only difference is that it contains 10 tricks and not 3.

How long is Aardy at the Birthday party?
1 Hour package: Aardy is at the party for 45 Minutes to an hour- depending on the number and age of kids
2 Hour Package: 2 hours to 2 hour 15 Minutes

Do you stay to help cut the cake?
Yes, I can stay and help by getting the kids to sing Happy Birthday and if you would like photos with me- that is OK too. Only if Aardy is booked towards the end of the party.

Are there animals in your Birthday Magic show?
No, I don’t use live animals, I don't want to hurt animals. To use animals within a magic show damages them.

Animals may also make a mess in your home, or bite your child. My focus is more on the audience participation. I want the children to be the STARS of the show, not an animal. Plenty of Birthday Magicians use animals and you can tell that the rest of their act is not so engaging because they focus every single picture on the rabbit and not the kids.

I do use Rocky the Raccoon- a life like Puppet that kids think is real but its just a puppet- he allows me to do things that you couldn't do with a live animal.

Are there any photo opportunities throughout the show?
Yes, I even tell you when a photo opportunity is coming up.

Can the parents watch the show- would they enjoy the show as well?
It is optional for parents to be at the show- you can either sit back and relax elsewhere- but if you want to watch, Aardy’s show will entertain the kids and the parents watching.

Aardy is a Merlin Award Winning magician- these are the Magician Oscars- he will entertain the adults- BUT the focus is on the kids.

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